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ETA Certification (European Technical Assessment)
Our partitions are certified through the ETA (European Technical Assessment) document awarded by the Spanish Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC), which guarantees compliance with the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE) in terms of soundproofing, structural safety and fire reaction class.

Unlike other manufacturers in the sector, the products we manufacture and distribute at Ibermodul are fully certified with an ETA document before they even leave our installations at Palafolls. The certificates are for the complete set of structures that we develop, manufacture and install for each client, guaranteeing the integrity and safety of the final product and the spaces where they are deployed.

In other words, we don’t perform fire reaction, structural safety and soundproofing tests and studies on the individual elements that constitute the partitions, but rather we analyse the finished product as a whole.

These documents and certificates guarantee that Ibermodul develops, manufactures and fits the safest and most competitive products on the market, all coupled with the benefits of a unique design and the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

The certificate responds to the latest international trends and the requirements set out in the most widely used building certification schemes (LEED, BREEAM, HQE).

Ibermodul is the only company in Spain in the sector accredited with the European Technical Assessment (ETA) document, in this case issued by the Spanish Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC).

What is the CTE?
The Código Técnico de Edificación (CTE, Technical Building Code) is the Spanish regulatory framework that sets out the basic safety and occupancy requirements buildings must fulfil according to Law 38/1999 of November 5 on Buildings. The CTE also defines the basic quality requirements established for structures and elements that form part of constructions and installations and explains some relevant safety (structural safety, fire safety, safety in use) and occupancy aspects (hygiene, soundproofing and energy saving).

What is the ETA?
This EU certificate covers the technical assessment of the performance of a product in terms of the essential characteristics applicable to the use intended by the manufacturer and is in harmony with the Spanish Technical Building Code. The ETA is prepared in accordance with the European Assessment Document (EAD) which covers the product and its intended uses.

What is the ITeC?
The Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC) is a Spanish body authorised to assess novel products and those which are not covered by any standards (such as partitions). The ITeC has belonged to EOTA since 1996 and in March 2013 was recognised as a TAB for all product areas stipulated under Regulation (EU) No. 35/2011.

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ISO 9001 quality certification
The ISO 9001 standard establishes the criteria to achieve a quality management system, to help organizations guarantee the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers, as well as other interested parties, based on the principles defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

FSC certificate
The FSC Certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) is a sustainable forest certification system promoted by companies that produce and sell wood, environmental and human rights organizations, concerned about the loss and degradation of the planet’s forests.

FSC guarantees that the wood products bearing this seal come from well-managed forests and plantations according to strict international sustainability standards. In this way, biological diversity is preserved and benefits the lives of local populations and workers, while ensuring their economic viability.

In particular, Chain of Custody Certification: verifies that FSC certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified and uncontrolled material, throughout the entire supply chain, from forest to market.

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